Criminal and economic litigation

Economic regulations are often paired with penal-like administrative sanctions and/or by criminal sanctions.

The investigative powers of national or European administrations are similar to those of the police. The judicial police, the public prosecutor’s office, the European public prosecutor’s office and the investigating judges also conduct investigations in which our clients may be implicated.

The effective defense of our clients’ interests requires a very solid command and expertise of the rules of administrative or judicial investigations, and of those relating to criminal procedure.

Vincent Courcelle-Labrousse is a leading and seasoned legal expert and is in charge of GODIN ASSOCIES’ criminal and economic litigation practice.

The firm is entrusted with complex cases, both national and transnational, on customs, tax, financial, environmental, health and media matters.

GODIN ASSOCIES intervenes in administrative and judicial investigations as well as before the investigating judge.

The firm represents its clients before the French criminal courts as well as before foreign courts and international criminal tribunals.

GODIN ASSOCIES is renowned for its long-standing and effective international practice in both the inquisitorial (Roman-Germanic) and Common Law procedural systems.

GODIN ASSOCIES assists companies in the analysis of criminal risk and in the implementation of compliance procedures.

The team criminal and economic litigation