Taxation and customs procedures

We intervene on all questions related to taxation linked to the import of goods or their release for consumption:

  • Customs duties ;
  • Anti-dumping duties;
  • VAT;
  • Dock dues.

Thus, we deal with all issues concerning the implementation of the Union Customs Code:

  • Determination of the duty base:
    • Tariff classification ;
    • Customs value;
    • Origin of goods.
  • Customs procedures :
    • Warehouse ;
    • Temporary admission ;
    • Active and passive improvements ;
    • Processing under customs control ;
    • End-use;
    • Movement of goods under customs control.

In order to secure our clients’ operations, we assist them in requesting from the customs authorities:

  • Binding tariff information;
  • Binding information on the origin of goods.

Needless to say, we prepare the necessary applications for requests for the remission of customs duties and for recovery requests, and challenge any rejection decisions.

The team customs and customs taxation