Investigation and litigation

Investigators do not make courtesy visits.

Controls on customs, aids or protection of the financial interests of the European Union, employ restrictive and intrusive methods of investigation, which must be mastered.

We always keep in mind that at the end of the customs investigation, there may be a trial before a civil or criminal judge. We assist our clients in the procedures conducted by the customs administration:

  • Clearance control;
  • Post-clearance control (right of communication, hearings…);
  • Home visits;
  • Pre-litigation (response to notice of investigation results);
  • Assessments dispute.

Customs Investigations or those relating the European Union budget can also be carried out within a judicial framework, thereby implementing the police powers of the criminal procedure code.

We defend the interests of our clients in national and international proceedings led by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the European Public Prosecutor’s Office or the investigating judge.

Where such outcome may arise,

  • we initiate the necessary proceedings before civil or administrative courts,
  • we defend companies, their managers and employees before criminal courts.

Where justified, we assist our clients in defining and implementing a transactional solution with the customs administration.

The team customs and customs taxation