Customs and customs taxation

GODIN ASSOCIES is one of the leading French firms in national and European customs taxation and customs litigation.

Our clients manufacture, purchase, distribute… goods in France and worldwide. They export, transport, import, clear customs…

Vincent Courcelle-Labrousse and Stéphane Le Roy have been practicing in this area for almost thirty years and have made critical decisions that have changed the law in favor of the operators.

Aurélie Giordano, who heads the firm’s Maritime  and transport laws, logistics and insurance practice, brings to the customs and taxation practice his invaluable expertise in the area of civil or commercial liability of the players in the logistics chain.

We advise our clients on all issues related to their customs operations and any related taxation issue.

We work closely together and in partnership with the law firm Michaël Gravé, lawyer at the bar of Rouen, to assist our colleagues’ clients.

Even in the absence of an offence, the methods of customs investigations are largely based on policing methods.

We therefore assist operators at all stages of national, European and international controls to which they are subject.

The same applies to investigations conducted by public bodies, or, when investigations become judicial, under the direction of a national or European prosecutor and an investigating judge.

As for the firm’s pith and marrow, we represent our clients before the civil and criminal courts throughout France (Metropolitan and Overseas) as well as before European courts (Court of Justice of the European Union).

Finally, since 2013, the firm has been publishing a much-appreciated newsletter that periodically summarizes regulatory and case law developments.

The team customs and customs taxation