Nicolas Godefroy


Nicolas Godefroy started his activity in 1993 with SARRUT, a law firm created in 1946 which was one of the first French international business law firms. He practiced commercial litigation and consultancy mostly for international business clients. At the same time, he developed a clientele in the fields of communication and services. Intellectual property quickly became his main activity.

In 2005, he created one of the first departments in a law firm in France to offer comprehensive services on trademark portfolio management and litigation.

In the field of creation and communication, legal validation is the key that allows creations and campaigns to be implemented.

With his legal skills, Nicolas Godefroy is committed to developing partnerships with the communication industry in a climate of trust.

Nicolas Godefroy is a member of INTA and APRAM.

Nicolas Godefroy holds a postgraduate degree in international law (University of Paris 2-Assas) and a master’s degree in Chinese language and civilization (University of Paris 7-Jussieu).

Nicolas Godefroy has been an administrator for more than a decade of a social, cultural and housing center in central Paris.

Domains of intervention

Commercial law
Communication law
Intellectual property law

Languages: French, English, Chinese

Phone: +33 (0)1 44 55 38 83